Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Five Senses- Touch Activity

From my own childhood, I remember doing activities that focused on using the sense of touch to identify objects. I was pretty sure that E would struggle if I simply put objects in a box and had her identify them with nothing to reference, so instead, I picked pairs of objects. That way, she could see one of the items on the table while she looked for the matching item in the box.

I cut out some hand/arm holes in an old shoebox for E to use. When we started doing the activity, E really wanted to look into the holes instead of simply use her hands. If I were to start this project over again, I would probably try to attach some material to cover the holes to make it difficult to see inside. E enjoyed this activity enough that she asked to do it the following day. It was a good way for her to rely on her sense of touch to help her to identify objects!

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