About Me

After becoming inspired by all the amazing mommy bloggers out there, and to justify my Pinterest addiction, I have decided to "formalize" my stay at home mom experience by blogging my day-to-day life with my daughter, E, who will be three in April 2012.

A year ago, if you would have told me I would be a stay-at-home mom today, I would have given you a definitive "NO WAY" as an answer. I was in my 11th year of teaching high school English in Ohio.  But, after our family made the decision for my husband to take a job promotion which moved our family from Ohio (where each of us spent the majority, if not all, of our lives) to Oklahoma, I put my teaching career on hold in the best interest of our family. After a six-month adjustment period to being a SAHM, I am finally embracing and loving being home with E.

The teacher in me simply will not leave, though, so I have made a standards-based plan to pick a unit topic every couple of weeks, and to work with E to improve her skills to prepare her for her kindergarten education in a couple of years. Although I have my Master's degree in Curriculum and Teaching, I have never taught students younger than seventh grade, so as my blog title states, I am a LEARN AS I GO MOM! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by, and hope I can help you out with your own life adventure!