Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Filler Activity- Getting Organized

So lately, I have been obsessed by the idea of busy bags. I love that they are self-contained activities, educational, and, for the most part, child directed. Then, I started thinking about how many toys and activities E already has that fit the same criteria, but don't exactly fit in a bag. So, I went room to room in our house, and I created a list of activities that could fill the same role for transition activities and filling time as what busy bags do. The list ended up having about 25 items. I also kept track of the activities that will require a little bit more Momtervention. I wrote them all down on craft sticks to keep in a container, writing the self-directed activities in black and the activities that require Mommy in orange.

I put the sicks into this pretty little holder I made using an old stuffing container, some scrapbook paper, and letter stickers. I am so excited to have these activities names organized in one place, including the busy bags I have already made . And, even when I give into my temptations to make busy bags, it will be easy to make sure they don't overlap activities E already has because I have gotten our activities organized!

I definitely think that I will duplicate this activity as we continue spending more time outside, as well, for the activities and games we have out there.

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