Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympics- Connect the Dots

 If your house is anything like our house, you probably also have a ton of coloring and activity books sitting around, not getting played with much.  So, as I was getting some activities together to do with the Olympics, I decided to go through all of our books.  I was looking for sports related items that had at least a little bit of educational value.  I had never really thought about dot-to-dots as being educational, but for a 3-year-old girl who is still working on number recognition, they are awesome.  And, I had never taught her how to do a dot-to-dot, so this turned out to be a fun and educational little activity that happens to be sports related!
After E finished the dot-to-dot, we worked on coloring in the items.  I have always been really laid back about her coloring in books (aka scribbling in books), but as I have seen her drawing become more and more sophisticated, I know she should be getting better at "staying in the lines."  We are continually working on this new level of fine-motor skills.

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