Monday, July 16, 2012

Filler Activity- Letter Dig

Although E is doing great with learning her capital letters, she is still learning to master the matching lower case letter, as well as mastering the sounds that go along with each letter.  This little filler activity was to help her find the letter pairs, as well as working on putting words that go along with those letters and sounds.  
 Using her dollar store foam alphabet puzzle pieces and her table filled with sand, I buried capital and lower case letter pairs (about 8 at a time).  E's job was to dig up the letter, and look for the matching big or little letter.
As she found the letter pairs, we would try to think of a word that started with the letter before placing the letters back into the puzzle.  Although the activity was fun and successful through part of the alphabet, it did not hold E's attention long enough to get through the whole alphabet.  But, we will continue working on the activity, as well as letter sounds!

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