Monday, April 9, 2012

Springtime- Feed the Birds

Being outside and enjoying nature is something we love, especially in the spring. We haven't had a bird feeder hanging up in a while, so I finally picked up one to put on a shepherd's hook near our patio in an area where we can see the birds from the inside of the house. E stopped riding her bike (hence the helmet) and had to go in and get her sunglasses because it was a sunny morning before we could get to business on filling the feeder, working those motor skills.

E helped me to put in the birdseed (we used black sunflower seeds). Believe it or not, that mess was because of me, not because of her. She did a great job of unclogging the funnel to keep the seeds going in. While we were filling the feeder, we were talking about what birds eat and why it is important for them to have good nutrition in the spring because the mommy birds have to get strong to have baby birds.

Here is Ms. Fashion plate with her newly hung feeder. She has since spent a lot of time watching for birds on the feeder. We both enjoy talking about the colors of the birds that land on the feeder and watching the birds come in and out. This is a fun and easy activity to enjoy nature!

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